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All yoga has the same goal. Yoga means to yoke, or union, and is a practice which brings the unity of mind, body and spirit and therefore bringing awareness to our spiritual connection to everything around us.

Kundalini Yoga is the same as all other yoga in this regard, but has a very fast way of getting us to that goal.

Many thousands of years ago, the practice of yoga combined all the different facets of yoga into one practice - the physical exercise- postures, bandhs (body locks), mudras, (hand positions), pranayama – (breath control), the meditation, the chanting of mantra and sound vibration, and the lifestyle and philosophies. It was a normal part of day to day life and was used to stay fit, healthy, strong, clear, and connected to higher consciousness at a time when man was much more in tune with nature and himself and living on a much higher vibrational frequency. It was practiced in many different parts of the world in some form or another. Over time, people began to break the practice down as they wanted to perfect and specialise in different aspects of their practice, giving us the many diverse forms of yoga we have today. Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan brought all these aspects or facets back together into one practice, making it whole again.

Kundalini yoga is a Raj Yoga, (Royal Yoga), originating in India and kept secret, only passed from a Master to his student.

In 1968 Yogi Bhajan- Master of Kundalini yoga by the age of 16, saw that there was a need for Kundalini Yoga in the West- it was the hippie era and there was a lot of substance abuse, and many young people on a spiritual quest. So he broke the rules and came over to the West to teach Kundalini yoga openly and to create teachers to spread the practice widely.

Kundalini Yoga works by using a variety of techniques to wake up our own personal kundalini energy or life force which lays about 95% dormant in most of us until it is awakened. Kundalini means, “The lock of hair of the beloved”, and this life force or energy is coiled 3 and a half times and resides in the first chakra, at the base of the spine. When this energy is awakened it rises up the spine and through our 7 main chakras - or energy centres of consciousness which lay along the spine – clearing, balancing and activating each one as it moves along. Chakras are the junction points which link our spiritual bodies to our physiology – (please see the section on chakras for more information). Good health and balance in the chakras is imperative as they directly affect the organs and glands surrounding them as well the mental and emotional states linked to each of them. The chakras are linked then to the nadis or meridians in our bodies which carry prana, (in Chinese medicine this is called Chi and Japanese, Ki)- the universal life force or energy which keeps us alive and healthy, around the body. Congestion in these ethereal pathways can result in emotional, mental or physical distress and disease, so it is important to keep them clear and balanced.

Why do we want to wake this Kundalini energy up?

Well because when our kundalini energy is fully awake, we feel totally awake and alive and much more aware of ourselves and of everything around us than ever before, enabling us to reach our fullest and highest potential as human beings. We will feel more balance in every aspect of our lives, and things may seem more real. I remember for me, the first thing I noticed was that everything seemed more vibrant in my life- food tasted better, colours were brighter, my health was much improved, I had so much energy and vitality, and everything I did just seemed to flow and unfold so easily......  

Everything we do in life has a creative potential, whether it is cooking a meal, making a business decision, teaching our child to read or painting a picture. When kundalini is fully awakened within us, we will find that we co create in alignment with our true inner, higher, infinite self – or our soul and spirit, rather than just our minds and egos, and when we do this everything we create works out much more beautifully, creatively and successfully.