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Apart from the obvious of toning and strengthening the body, improving flexibility, mobility posture and alignment, and helping to maintain weight control, consistent and regular practice of Kundalini Yoga can increase energy levels and reduce stress and anxiety. It can help break negative habits and raise our vibrations by banishing negativity. It can help with pain relief, such as headaches and lower back problems, and by working directly on, and balancing and strengthening the nervous, endocrine, immune, digestive, and circulatory systems, it can improve and maintain physical health, such as better digestion, circulation, and hormone related issues. It can help bring better focus and concentration, mental clarity, communication, and intuition. It can help balance mental and emotional issues. It can make us feel more connected, grounded, loyal, creative, friendly, contented, confident, self controlled, empowered, loving, forgiving and compassionate, kind, honest, communicative, perceptive and intuitive, focused, clear headed and knowing.

Kundalini Yoga cleanses, balances, and brings strength and vitality to all our systems on all their levels, and can help us find calm, peace, love, joy and success!

Is there a negative side to Kundalini Yoga?
If practiced in a sensible way, ie, do not take any intoxicants 12 hours before or after a class!, make sure you have an empty stomach before you attempt a class!,  do not push the body beyond its limits- always listen to your body first and foremost!, drink plenty of water- please remember this is a cleansing process! - then no.

The only thing that we must be aware of is that Kundalini Yoga, like so many other holistic, cleansing processes- such as reiki, reflexology etc, can at the beginning disrupt our systems slightly- but these effects are rare, short lived and just part of a cleansing process. You know how it is when you have a facial – you don’t have it on the day before you wedding because normally the day after your facial, you may come out in spots? Well it is the same in Kundalini Yoga. It is a profoundly cleansing and detoxifying practice and a lot of eliminating is done. It is the hazard of our environment I’m afraid that there is a lot of pollution, much of our food is processed or contains chemicals, we may have been upset or stressed – even the posture we may sit in while at the office can affect our systems and create blockages.

Sometimes we have things just lurking under the surface waiting to be released, and Kundalini Yoga will release them. Now this may go unnoticed, but sometimes we may have a reaction. For me personally, I found when I first started doing Kundalini yoga, I would sometimes feel a bit sick- it didn’t last long, but it happened occasionally – it was just my liver and internal organs detoxing – it is a normal reaction. Other symptoms may be that you get a slight cold for a few days, or a headache, or spots, some emotion like spontaneous tears or anger but these effects are generally short lived, and it is always useful to remember that they are things which needed to be released and will make you feel better once they have been, and you can always discuss this with your teacher who is there to help. Generally though, this is uncommon.

Ultimately, Kundalini Yoga will make you feel and look great, if practiced properly, consistently, and regularly.