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Here is what some of my students have had to say about me, my classes and kundalini yoga.

I started Jacqui's kundalini yoga classes 3 and a half years ago. I instantly felt the benefits and enjoyed the classes so much that it inspired me to train as a kundalini yoga teacher. Thank you Jacqui for introducing me to the wonderful gift of kundalini yoga and always encouraging me in my practice.

Rhianedd Hughes
South woodford


I cannot thank Jacqui enough for helping me to get to where I am today. I feel so blessed to have found yoga, and be able to now inspire and help others by teaching it myself.

It was her idea I should do my teacher training as she must have seen how much I love yoga and how I completely swear by its benefits! I am now going to do my second teacher training in Goa in a few weeks’ time! Her classes were always different every week so we never got bored. They were challenging, but also fun. But I think the best thing was her lovely warm personality, and how much she genuinely cared about her students.

I used to drive 40 minutes to her classes just because I liked her as my teacher :-)

She always, even now, gives me the best advice, which I am so grateful for. If I look back to see how far I have come, and how much I have changed, it is quite amazing! I am so much calmer, stronger, happier, more confident, able to cope with stress better, and also look and feel a million times better than I did!

Thank you so much :-)
With love always
Charlotte Lewis


I moved to London in early May 2011 after a not very successful start a new job in Scotland. I was dealing with Kundalini yoga for about a year and a half before I came to live in the UK and I knew its beneficial influence and transformation wore practitioners. I needed to restore balance and confidence that failure is only a part of our experience and is always followed by success, if it is correctly read.

Once I managed to settle with a good job and accommodation in London, began more persistently looking for where to practice Kundalini yoga in a group and with a teacher has thought with love and skilled. I found them in the class of Jackie Bounting in South Woodford.

I still had a language barrier in communication, but to my great surprise it did not affect me for successful inclusion in its practice. Jackie leads the classes with such dedication and inspiration that I felt completely into familiar environment. Competently and with concern about the ability of each participant, she creates the atmosphere of concentration and personal contact with yourself within the group, a friendly and warm environment in which to relax completely in finding your inner harmony.

Anyone who has visited her classes will agree with me remembering the warmth and skillful conduct of classes, total restoration and energizing what is happening in each her practice. Jacquie is a teacher, able to support and motivate students for deeper giving to Kundalini yoga and development not only in the physical aspect, but also sharing their experience, she is seeking a researcher of a deep philosophical and spiritual aspect of the ancient science of the life force of Kundalini energy. Deep respect for her commitment and my personal gratitude for the love with which she is teaching.

With many blessings
Mahandeep Kaur (Mariya Rubtsova)


I started coming to Jacqui's kundalini yoga classes 5 years ago and instantly felt I had come home. I completely connected to the practice, class and Jacqui as a teacher. I attended every week as I loved the classes so much.

The group is friendly and Jacqui as a reacher has a warm and nurturing manner, a calm and reassuring voice and gives good clear instruction, variation if necessary and care and attention to all her students at all times.

The classes are varied and different every week and Jacqui always makes them a little bit special, always giving completely of herself. She also makes the classes fun!

I loved it so much that it inspired me to do the teacher training myself and I now teach Kundalini yoga too!

I will always be grateful to Jacqui for her love, support and encouragement on my journey and just for being part of it. She is a wonderful teacher and friend.  She looks wonderful too. A credit to her hard work and love of the teachings.

Sat Nam

Perpetua egan


Dear Jacqui,

I would just like to thank you for a wonderful yoga workshop. I have been doing your Kundalini class for about six months now and find it an oasis of peace calm.  Doing the workshop has created a shift in me and has inspired me to increase my practice to three times a week (via the dvd you recommended).  I feel so much calmer and happier already.

Prior to the workshop I was really worried that I would not be able to handle a four hour session but was shocked of how quickly it went.  I love the way that each chakra was addressed, making it a total experience.   The gong bath was amazing and sent to me to another level!

The thought and planning you put into our classes each week is very much appreciated and has touched at least one person’s life!

I totally agree with Yogi Bhajan that 'the teacher is everything'.

Sat nam.

Lots of love


Hi Jacqui,

Bless you for all you do for us, and thanks for your supportive words of encouragement last night.  I believe we have come far too.

Much love

Sat Nam



Hi Jacqui

I have done a few different yoga classes over the years and met a few good teachers and one horrible git lol but we won’t talk about that one ;}But in the short time I have been in your class I will not be searching for another class and I will stay with you as I think you are the best teacher I’ve met and you’re doing the style I wanted to do all along but I was put off it by the "bad press "it had a way back. But I have found that you are very happy and full of life so it re assures me that the style is safe if done correctly.

Gary Black


Dear Jacqui,

I just wanted to say thanks for another uplifting class last night. I feel achy today, but it’s a good achy!! LOL and I feel fantastic and full of life and energy and really happy today. Thanks again and have a great weekend and see you next week.

Love Hope. X


I had never done Kundalini yoga before, but have found it has helped me in so many ways. My shape has changed for the better, I feel so well and flexible and I used to have breathing and circulation difficulties which have greatly improved. My life has changed in all aspects. I have found the courage after many years to leave a dead end job and made my dream of starting my own business come true and I am loving it. I’m sure a lot of these changes have been enhanced by the yoga, as the changes started happening after I started my regular kundalini yoga practice. The classes themselves are lovely. Jacqui you have such a warm and welcoming manner which instantly puts me at ease. The postures are well taught and clearly explained, with modifications always found if we have difficulty without making us feel totally useless. You can push us quite hard sometimes, but always with kindness and a smile and the class is always a lot of fun. I would highly recommend.

Best wishes


Jacqui has calm, caring nod nurturing style as a teacher and fills the student with confidence and belief in themselves and their ability. I always leave the class feeling really good, well stretched and energised and much happier, calmer and more relaxed. I can feel my body and myself benefitting greatly from kundalini yoga.

Thank you.
Love Jan. xxx



your classes are always warm, fun and uplifting and I always feel great afterwards.

I love Kundalini Yoga too!!

Luv Vanessa xxxx


Just to let you know that i really enjoyed the class .

It was nice and gentle. Well done, you are a winner

Love. sueli


Good morning Jacqui,

Hope you are having a good day - I just wanted to say a big thank you for last night's class - it was great and I am sure that I can feel the benefits. 
It was a strange (in a good way) feeling when I could feel the vibrations and energy last night - I think this is the first time that I have felt anything like this - I felt it doing the stretching as well as I could feel my body pulsing slightly when we were doing the relaxation at the end

Once again - a big thank you !!

Lots of love    
Sue   xx :)


Barbara Nisbet
19 Oct 2011

In August 2010 I had a very bad road accident.  My car was written off while I was still sitting inside; this and all the business with solicitors etc really changed my whole life.  I lost confidence and felt my life was a nightmare but since I have been to your yoga class I have learned to calm down and see things in the correct perspective, to stop dwelling on useless things and to see life more clearly.  I find the exercises very good; I have always been a very sporty person and these I can cope with even though I am getting on in years.  That gives me a sense of achievement.

As an instructor, Jacqui, you are friendly, easy to get along with, and give good clear instructions which makes a very enjoyable class.  The atmosphere is relaxing and the conversation stimulating.  I look forward every week to the class and would do my very best never to miss it.
You have helped me at a time when I really did need it.

Thank you so much for everything you do.


7 December 2011
Yoga class taught by Jacqui.

The exercises are excellent and help with breathing, balance, relaxing, flexibility and healing the mind, body and spirit.

Tsiyona Taibi


Kim Lee

“I have been to CCA yoga classes for a few years now.  We have had several teachers since.  All of them were very good.  Our current yoga teacher is Jacqui.  She is one of the best.  She makes us feel at ease and does not force us to do anything we cannot do.  Instead, she encourages us to do alternative simpler actions which we can manage.  We have learned a lot from Jacqui’s yoga classes.  We have learned to breathe properly and to meditate and relax.  We get a lot of advice about health and how to work different parts of our bodies and the benefits.  We also chant, which is very soothing.  We have learned about posture, flexibility, concentration and better breathing.  After class, I always feel happier and more energetic.  XXXXX


Dear Jacqui

Just to say thanks again for your Kundalini Yoga sessions.  I have found them so peaceful and calming to my overall general health and well-being at a time where my energy levels were very poor and my self-esteem at an all-time low.  It is especially helpful to be with other people in your group who were obviously benefitting in their own ways.  I can sense an atmosphere of warmth and “togetherness”.  This closeness in the community is a very rare commodity these days, I believe, and so I treasure this as the impact you have created on my spiritual awareness has been an instant success.

Thank you so much again.  I particularly enjoy the chanting – “The long time sun” etc remains with me during the day.

Lots of love


Hi Jacqui,

just wanted to say thanks for a great class again last night :-)

I have suffered with lower back pain for years (since having Freya) and I can honestly say that it has nearly disappeared since coming to your classes!!

You're a wonderful person and a wonderful teacher, your energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Can't wait until next Wednesday evening for my next 'fix'! Haha ❤ x


Dear Jacqui.

Tonight, I dedicated my class to you. I think you’ll understand when I say I love you. You always give so much. Your classes are always so enriching and valuable to all. I just wanted to give you something back.
Sat Nam

Sam x