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Kundalini Yoga

Classes at Woodford Memorial Hall

  • £10 per session on a drop in basis
  • £50 for a course of six prepaid consecutive weekly sessions

One to One and small group sessions

At my home
(all sessions at my home will end with a complimentary GONG bath during your relaxation)

For One Person
£30 for a one and a half hour class and after-class phone and email support

For Two people
£20 per person (£40 total) for a one and a half hour class and after-class phone and email support

For Three people
£15 per person (£45 total) for a one and a half hour class and after-class phone and email support

Mineral water, mats, blankets, cushions etc are provided.

At Your home or venue
Prices would depend on the distance and time getting to and from you and what I am required to provide.
Quotes below are an example of prices based on my travelling within a three mile radius of Buckhurst Hill and providing mats and blankets.

One Person
£45 per hour and half session including after-class telephone and email support

Up to three people
£55 per hour and half session including after-class telephone and email support

Up to 10 people
£65 per hour and half session including after-class telephone and email support

Please call me for a price if you are unsure.


I am also a Reiki master (level 3), and Indian Head and Indian Natural Facelift practitioner and can offer sessions of either one or a combination of these treatments in my own home, to help bring peace, calm, relaxation and healing to you in a peaceful, happy, loving and nurturing environment. (I can also come to your home, but prices would depend on where I would have to travel to etc, so please call for a quotation).

Prices for treatment in my home:
Half hour £25
One hour £40
One and half hours £50

There will be discounts on courses of treatments. For a course of 6, you pay for 5 and for a course of 10, you pay for 8.

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese hands on (or off), non-intrusive or manipulative energy healing technique derived from several ancient Japanese healing disciplines, developed by its founder, Mikeo Usui Sensi.

How does it work?
A treatment may be given in person, or sent over a distance as time and space are not barriers. It can also be sent to as many recipients as the sender desires to send it to at one time as long as the intention is there. It focuses on channelling the energy around us to promote self healing and well being.

In a personal treatment, the client lays or sits in a comfortable position where they can completely relax, let go and open themselves up to release and receive. The practitioner then works intuitively by allowing their hands to be guided and focuses energy into different parts of the body and aura, wherever it is needed. As the practitioner has been attuned to the energies and has meditated regularly on them, the energies will flow more easily to and through the practitioner to the recipient who is just simply drawing what he/she needs through the practitioner. The practitioner merely acts as a channel or conductor for the energy to flow to the client. It is the clients’ self healing mechanisms triggered by the energy flow and release of blockages which actually causes the healing to happen.

Is it religious?
No, Reiki is not religious; it is a scientific and spiritual discipline and practice used by all sorts of people from all walks of life and cultures.

How can it be of benefit to me?
Reiki can promote rest and relaxation, bringing us peace and calm. It can help sleep patterns, relieve headaches, tension and stress.
It can help aches and pains and bring balance to body, mind and spirit.  It can help heal emotional and mental hurts and illness as well as physical. When energy flows freely through our bodies and around us, having cleared emotional and physical blockages and toxins, our body is at its optimum for self healing. Stress and tension are some of the major contributory factors to many of the problems we have today and Reiki is a great way to help eliminate this.

Can it be harmful?
Absolutely not. The only side effects you may get, as in any complementary/holistic therapy, is that sometimes it can unlock and release something lurking just under the surface - like a cold, spots, anger and other emotions that need releasing and clearing etc. But these effects are mostly very short lived, (maybe a day or two). And the fact that they are released is better in the long term for you.

Can pregnant women, children and babies receive Reiki?
Absolutely - my children do regularly.

Is there any circumstance where we cannot have a Reiki treatment?

What have some people reported feeling and benefitting from this?
These are just a few examples of feedback I have had.

Many of my clients have reported seeing colours, geometric shapes and symbols, feeling heat, tingling, heaviness and floating among other things during a treatment.

Many have reported an improvement in energy levels, sleeping patterns, general health, feeling more relaxed and calm, ease of headaches, sinus trouble and other pains, feeling more creative, happy, and one described the feeling of having a heavy coat of worry being lifted from their shoulders and feeling much lighter and free of troubles, after one session.

But the thing they ALL say is that they find the treatment extremely relaxing and pleasant and leave feeling they have been set up for the week.

Indian Head and Natural Facelift Massage.

These treatments involve manipulation and massage to help clear toxins and blockages from the body and blood, and to increase the circulation of the blood into the head and face to help cleanse and oxygenate these areas. The techniques help to relax, rejuvenate and renew and to help keep the skin and eyes bright and young. As we grow older, we lose some of the elasticity in the skin and the production of moisture on the lower levels of the skin does not work so well, leading to fine lines, wrinkles and signs of ageing. The facelift treatment helps to stimulate these
moisture producing mechanisms on the lower levels of the skin helping to keep our skin supple, radiant and beautiful. These treatments can help with circulation through the whole body which helps to clear out toxins and blockages and helps to make us feel and look great!