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The Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age
Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan

  • Understand through compassion; otherwise you might misunderstand the times.
  • Recognize that the other person is you.
  • When the time is on you, start and the pressure will be off.
  • There is a way through every block.
  • Vibrate the cosmos; the cosmos shall clear the path.

Since the very first vibration when the universe was created we have been going through an evolution or transformation of consciousness.

There are many ways to measure time.  On a daily human civilised basis, we tend to measure it on a linear scale, i.e. how many times the earth spins a full circle and how many circles it takes to complete a circuit around the sun. But this is only one way.  Many ancient civilisations also realised that we could measure time through spiritual evolution.

There have been many different ages and eras - each one having its own different theme, and developing something new, but always moving forward from the last era.  And even within these eras, are mini eras.
The eras we are concerned with here, are the one which we are about to leave - to transcend - and the one we are entering.  The old age is called The Piscean Age and the new age is called The Age of Aquarius.  This is all to do with astrology and the constellation of the stars, and we are all connected to everything that goes on in the universe.  At this time we are in a transitional period, or a cusp, where many of us are adjusting and aligning ourselves, so that transition to the New Age may be smoother for us.

We have been in the Piscean Age for the last couple of millennia, and it has been about developing the physical world and the mind, and about gaining knowledge, and building industry and economies.

As with all the different ages, as evolution transforms and transcends, it gains momentum and things seem to speed up.  Even as we go through the age and as it evolves, the frequency at which it vibrates speeds up.  We only need to look at the last hundred years of the Piscean Age to see that, just by looking at the rate of development.  These developments have speeded up rapidly as we are coming to the end of the era.  A good example of this is if you think about transport, media, communication and entertainment.  We had black and white photographs, then some years later moving pictures. There was horse and cart, then the automobile, and how they have developed since they first arrived! Sometime later we had radio broadcasts, which developed into picture and sound broadcasts known as television.  The 1960s saw colour television, and then our telephones became cordless. Things seemed to really start speeding up from the 1980s, with the introduction of computers, computer games, intranets, then the internet, mobile phones and so on.  Graphics got better, technology got more advanced, and we are now at a stage where if we buy technology which has just been released in the shops, within six months it is obsolete and we have replaced it with something more advanced.  And this acceleration is just going to get faster and faster as we fully enter the Age of Aquarius.

As we reach the end of the Piscean Age, we have all the knowledge we need, and we have all the choices and material comfort we need.  We have so much of this that our minds can barely process it.  How many times do you hear people saying, “I’m so sorry I haven’t called - I’ve just been too busy”.  Or “Where has this week gone? Time goes so fast these days!”  Or “I CAN’T COPE; I JUST DON’T HAVE THE TIME!”

And yet, if I think back to my grandparents, who are no longer with us and would be over 100 years old if they were, they had eight children in close succession, very little money, no car, no washing machine nor any other modern convenience.  They bought their meals for each day from local shops as they had no supermarket or freezer, my grandma made everything from scratch, did all her own housework, mending and making of clothes and toys etc, went dancing, were VERY active and well known within their local and church communities and were always raising money for something or other.  Yet I never, ever heard them say that they were too busy, couldn’t cope and didn’t have enough time!  But then again they were born and lived in a different age, when we had less choice and fewer material comforts and the vibrational frequency and pace of life was much slower than today. We could easily keep up with that pace and therefore, we were more present in the moment and grounded, and there was a much higher sense of stability, moral value, and of what is most important in life. In a sense although the vibrational frequency is speeding up, or increasing, and generally overall as a race we are more intelligent and evolved, some of us are not raising our own individual vibration to keep up with that of the universe, and many people have lost their sense of moral value and appreciation of what is really important in life, and have become very “disconnected”,- some are just not coping- they are not grounded, and they can’t keep up, causing many of the problems, (environmental, cultural, mental, emotional and physical), we see today. We need to as a race raise our group collective vibrational frequency to match the universal flow, to make this transition as easy as possible.

There is no getting away from it, as we move into the Age of Aquarius - time appears to be speeding up.  Of course, linear time is not speeding up - it is the same as it has always been - 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, which is the time it takes for the earth to make a complete rotation and so on.....  The speeding up of time is an illusion our minds have created to try to cope with the speeding up of the vibrational frequency as our evolution of consciousness transcends into the Age of Aquarius.  Our minds and bodies from the “old Age” just cannot cope with this change as they are.  Never before have we seen more depression, mental illness and instability, substance abuse, violence, anger, breakdown in relationships, community and society, stress and anxiety, and yet never before have we appeared to have had it all more .....

So what can we do?

Although a movement in people seeking spirituality and union has been happening for a long time, there has been a huge surge in the number of people joining this movement and “waking up” in the last 10 years, and the numbers are hugely increasing.  Never have more people sought spiritual awakening and healing through holistic methods, or counsellors and doctors.

Why is all this chaos happening?  Because as a race, we are finding it hard to keep up with the ever increasing frequency of the modern times we are living in. For those of us born in the old age, we have much work to do to prepare us as we enter the new age- it will be much easier for those born from now on as they are already born into that flow, but we from the old age need to align ourselves to it.

The only answer is to prepare for The New Age and embrace it! The good news is, more and more people are recognising this.

We need to prepare by acknowledging what is happening and stopping for a second to consider the consequences for humankind and the whole world if things are allowed to carry on the way they are.  The chaos and the insanity we live in will just escalate.  There will be more violence and duality as we move further and further away from ourselves and ultimately, it could be a catastrophe.

The Piscean Age was about developing the physical and mental world and obtaining knowledge which we have done now.  The Age of Aquarius is about self governance, taking responsibility and control, developing our true, inner, spiritual and infinite self and becoming aware of our connection and union.  It is about expansion, and experiencing oneness through our infinite self and turning that knowledge from the Piscean Age into wisdom. It is about taking us back to a time when man was deeply connected to everything, and lived on a much higher vibration, bringing him closer to God. It is about the end of duality and the beginning of true acceptance, real communication, cooperation, commitment and compassion. It is about being in a deep state of harmony and contentment as a human race- which will greatly impact the rest of the world and universe.

We need to stop and evaluate our lives. We need to rediscover what is important.  So what if that report isn’t on the boss’s desk by the morning - the world will not end.  So what if we don’t finish the ironing today - we will not starve.  Surely it’s more important to call your mother or visit your sick aunt than to finish the housework, or go shopping.  We need to start living in the moment and not worry about what is past or what hasn’t happened yet, or what we cannot control.  We need to rediscover morals and values, and we need to find balance.  I believe that every human being has a pure, clean soul living within them.  It’s just that in some of us, that pure spirit is locked away in a prison, and unable to communicate with us, leaving us at the mercy of only the ego and mind, to feel, act and manifest from, and sometimes this mind or ego is not as balanced and clear as it should be  And if our spirit is in that prison, it cannot protect us from being controlled by the unbalanced ego/mind.

We need a tool in this coming New Age to help us align to it, so we may increase and raise our own individual vibrational frequency as well our collective human vibrational frequency.  If we are functioning at the same vibrational frequency as the New Age, then we will cope with all the changes and challenges we will have to face.  To raise our vibrational frequency, we have some work to do!

Firstly, it is important to understand that if we think negative thoughts or act in a negative way, we will immediately lower our vibrations.  It seems unrealistic to be naturally positive or neutral at all times, but it is possible naturally to feel this way if we reprogram our minds and bodies with a good tool.  We need to learn to live completely in the moment.  We need to cleanse our bodies and minds, making them clear, strong, healthy and balanced.  We need to work together with our kundalini energy, to make sure that when it rises, it is in a balanced, loving and healthy way.

The best tool to help us cope with the evolution of consciousness into the Age of Aquarius is Kundalini Yoga.
The goal of Kundalini Yoga is to make us aware of our connection to our infinite self.  It is a tool through which to experience self and in turn, to all that exists - to the oneness that we are vibrating together.  At this time, it is sometimes difficult to experience oneness as we are on so many different frequencies. 

Kundalini Yoga, through cleansing the nadis and balancing and clearing blocks in the bodily systems and clearing, reconfiguring and recharging the electromagnetic field, works on making us healthy, centred, grounded, accepting, secure, content, loyal, friendly, flexible, creative, confident, empowered, happy, decisive, in control, calm, loving, compassionate, forgiving, honest, communicative, clear and open minded and hearted, intuitive and perceptive, intelligent and wise, by working on our 7 main centres of consciousness, or chakras, which govern all the bodily systems. Through bringing us all this we feel a bliss and oneness to all.  This creates a mind/body/spirit integrity, which in turn makes it impossible to feel or act in a negative way.  This immediately raises our vibrational frequency, aligning us to the New Age.  We no longer feel life is stressful; we only live in the moment.  We can then embrace and cope with the New Age, prioritizing the things which really matter.

When kundalini is woken up gently and in a prepared and controlled manner in an individual, it is a wondrous experience.  We never feel or look so wonderful and healthy.  We experience the infinite spiritual self and fulfil our human potential, bringing us balance, good health, love, creativity, success, prosperity, confidence, clarity, intelligence, perception, intuition, wisdom and ultimately a bliss which is indescribable.  It is the ultimate
As each individual raises his or her own vibrational frequency, it impacts the frequency of the whole of humanity.  So each person helps to raise the collective human psyche to cope with the transition.  If the human psyche is strong, happy and positive, I believe we would see far less catastrophes and disasters around the world, as positive, loving energy radiating from the collective human aura would have a wonderful effect on everything else.

Yogi Bhajan knew this a long time ago, which is why he risked so much in teaching Kundalini Yoga widely and openly, creating as many teachers as he could to spread this tool as far as he could.  Because the more people who practice and use Kundalini Yoga, the higher the collective human vibration will be and the more people will be drawn to raising their individual frequency.  Our group consciousness will grow larger, until eventually, we will have a universal group consciousness where we will all be aware of our infinite self within our universal connection and will then all vibrate on the same frequency, creating harmony and peace for the New Age.
Kundalini Yoga is a scientific technology, which has carefully been put together to decode some of the mysteries of how we function.  It is a specific sequence of movement, mantra, breath work, body locks, mudras and meditation, which balances all our systems in the body and aura, so that we can function healthily and prana can move freely though us, cleansing, revitalizing, and energising us.  It also balances our emotions, clears and reprograms our mind and brings us intelligence and wisdom - ready for meditation which brings us experience and relaxation; allowing us time to rest, rejuvenate, heal and settle.

Kundalini Yoga, practiced on a regular basis, brings all the good things above as well as purpose, pure joy, humility and grace.

I believe that if more people practised this wonderful gift, they would be calmer, kinder and have more patience because they would be so much happier.  And maybe then the world would start to be a better place to live, and our transition to the Aquarian Age would be a smoother, more harmonious experience.

Today’s modern living can take so much out of us and sometimes make us feel like we never have enough time and are losing control.  Life can seem a constant battle and rush and that we are juggling too many things.  Our minds are always too busy, thinking of the next thing we have to do, instead of living in the moment. Our bodies then have to manifest all the hundreds of things the mind is thinking.

We sit in the hairdresser’s, and instead of relaxing and enjoying it, we start thinking about our bank balance, our job security, things we THINK we HAVE to do TODAY; doing the washing, phoning a friend, picking things up, shopping, and not having enough time..... Then we stress about the hospital appointments and things that may never happen, exams, problems with our kids, that pile of ironing that MUST be done tonight, the report that HAS to be on the boss’s desk in the morning.... not having enough time...

In turn, we get stressed, tired, impatient and snappy - which can lead to a lower resistance to illness.  When we think we are being superhuman - we actually are not.  What is happening is we are running on adrenalin.  We can’t keep up and our kidneys produce too much of it, which is what is keeping us going and holding us together.  This weakens our immune system.  And as soon as we stop for a moment, the body stops producing the adrenalin we have been living on, then bang, we are left to cope with a body with a reduced resistance and we easily catch whatever is going round. How many times have you heard someone say something like, “I couldn’t believe it - I haven’t stopped running around all month, I couldn’t wait for this holiday - but as soon as we got to the hotel, I got flu!”?

Sometimes the body just keeps producing the unwanted adrenalin, which can also cause great damage to the bodies systems as it is still being produced even though the body has no use for it.

It all has a knock-on effect.  If we do not eat properly and take appropriate physical exercise, blood and oxygen do not circulate round the body at a good healthy rate, and organs then function under strain.  Once our body is out of balance, our glandular system doesn’t secrete properly and our nervous system is affected.

The result?  We not only do not look our best, we may also feel weak, tired and sometimes ill.  It also affects our perception of and projection into, the world, and our emotional and mental states, as well as our creative potential and behaviour.  Ultimately, it can make us feel unhappy.

We can help ourselves with good diet and physical exercise, but the best physical exercise is one which can give the mind and spirit a workout as well as the body!!

Kundalini yoga can do just that.   It is a highly effective tool which can help us relax, revitalise, rejuvenate, prioritise, calm anxiety, live in the moment and appreciate what is important in life.  It can help us accept what is and to stop stressing!  And at the same time, tone and energise our tired bodies, calm and clear our busy minds, and in turn raise our spirits, bringing us good health and vitality, peace, calm and contentment.  Practiced regularly, it can bring us balance and joy.

There are many different types of yoga, each one having the same goal - to integrate the mind, body and spirit, and to establish the union with the universe and higher self.  Examples include Hatha yoga, which works more on the physical body; Mantra, which works more with sound, and there are different forms of meditation etc.  Kundalini yoga is the same, but is sometimes referred to as the mother of all yogas as it has a much faster way of getting you to that goal.

So what is different about Kundalini yoga?

Many tens of thousands of years ago, before modern civilizations and religions were created; Man lived much closer with nature, the Earth and the Universe and was very connected to his higher consciousness. We see much evidence of this left behind around the world today.  There were so many similar belief systems, discoveries, knowledge of numerology and astronomy, and monuments which happened and were built simultaneously around the world thousands of miles apart - but these people never saw each other or had telephone and internet to communicate through, so they must have had a much deeper collective connection.  At this time, in some places, yoga was practised as part of a normal daily routine.  It was not considered anything mystical.  It was just a way of life, of connecting to the higher vibrations and energising the body.

Over time, different individuals began specialising in different aspects of the practice and breaking it down, forming the different types of yoga we have today.  It still had the same effect, but because it was diluted, it took longer to have that effect than the combined practice.

Kundalini yoga brought all these aspects (or facets) of yoga back together again into one practice, which makes it more balanced and whole, producing much faster results.

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient spiritual and scientific technology combining movement, (asana or postures, pranyama or breath work, mudras, and body locks); mantra, (chanting/vibrating ancient sacred words of empowerment and praise); and meditation, (quietening of the mind, music, relaxation and vibration, and going deeper into oneself), to tone the body, quiet the mind and elevate the spirit by integrating the three.  It was kept secret in India, for the elite, and only passed from master to student until Yogi Bhajan broke the tradition by bringing it to the West in 1968.  He recognised that Kundalini yoga was badly needed by the world and helped so
many people change their negative habits and reach their full human potential by teaching it widely and openly, encouraging others to teach so that it could be spread even wider and faster.  It was the hippie era, and he felt a strong compassion towards the young people at that time who were searching for spiritual experience through drug taking.

Kundalini literally means, "The coil of the lock of hair of the beloved", and is our own personal energy or life force, which lays about 95% dormant, coiled three and a half times at the base of every person's spine. The aim
is to fully awaken this energy.


Because when this energy is fully awake, we can reach our highest potential as human beings and live happy, healthy and productive lives.  As Yogi Bhajan says, "we are spiritual beings having a human experience" - not the
other way round.  But to get the most from this human experience, we need to fully awaken the spiritual being inside.  It is only when we do this that we can experience our full human potential, by working directly with and from the spirit.

How does it work?

When Kundalini is awakened through the practice of Kundalini yoga, it rises. There is nowhere else for it to go but up the spine, and through the energy centres of consciousness called chakras, and as it courses up and through the body it clears out all blockages on the way - in the physical, emotional, mental and ethereal bodies - cleansing our systems, and reaching the top of the head and out and connecting us to our higher selves - our souls - to spirit. Once this happens, we realise we have no limitations and true bliss is attained.  When our systems are clear, cleansed, and pure, it allows the prana - (the energy force of the universe that flows through and around us - in Japanese healing it is called Ki, and in Chinese medicine, it is called Chi), to flow freely through us.  Blocks in our systems can cause physical pain and discomfort, problems within our bodily functions, illness,
and mental and emotional turmoil.  If our blocks are cleared out, and energy is allowed to flow freely, it will bring us great health, vitality, and emotional and mental stability.  Coupled with our personal energy or life force rising and making us more aware of our possibilities, our lives will be much sweeter and our bodies at their optimum for self healing.  But even after clearing out toxins and blocks, if we do not make it a regular practice, they will come back - (it is a hazard of our environment) - it has to be a way of life, not a one-off fix.

Before our Kundalini is awakened we tend to act and create from the mind and ego.  But once the Kundalini is awakened, everything we create comes from the soul, which the ego has now been aligned with, so that they may work in harmony together - and there is a huge difference.  Have you ever looked at two paintings, both technically as good, both very beautiful, and very clever, but one of them touches you in a way you cannot explain in words...

it can bring emotions out in you, and you just don't know why..... then you find out, the other one was planned, manufactured or computer generated, whilst the one which touched you with the fingers of the artist's heart, was
created from deep within... and you felt a connection....

It is the same with music.  Sometimes you can listen to someone sing a song they have written themselves, straight from their heart and soul.  It's not your style of music, you don't even like the lyrics, but it makes your hair stand on end and brings out emotions you cannot understand...that is the difference between creating from the ego and mind and creating from the soul.

Cooking a meal is creative, making daily and business decisions is creative, teaching your child to read is creative, planting seeds is creative - everything we do has a creative potential to it, and if done with love,
pleasure and in the moment, directly from spirit, the food will taste delicious, the decisions will be the right ones and have positive effects, your child's learning will blossom, and the seeds will flower beautifully. Creations which are hurried, done with resentment or in anger and that are ego based never quite work out....

What are chakras?

Chakra means "wheel" and the word represents the spinning or vibrating energy vortices which are our energy centres of consciousness.  They are a ladder of lights which are situated along the spine. They are the junction
points linking our physical body to our spiritual.  We cannot physically see them, (though sometimes we can feel them), but they are there.  They are the channels through which we absorb and eliminate prana, (the energy from the universe), and congestion in these areas can result in emotional or physical distress and disease.  There are many minor chakras or energy points around the body, which are linked to the nadis or meridians, (which carry the energy round the body), but the main ones we focus on in Kundalini yoga are the main eight chakras - seven of them directly linked to the body and the eighth being the aura, or magnetic field which surrounds and represents the whole body and how it is functioning.  The aura is the projection of the combined state of all the other seven chakras.  The universe reflects back to us what we are, so a big, healthy, strong aura will attract prosperity, success and happiness, and life will seem to unfold easily in front of us without our making any effort.  Now you can see why it is so important to start at the base level and keep your seven chakras clear and balanced.
Regular practice of Kundalini yoga is a wonderful way to do this.

The seven chakras relate directly to the organs or to the body parts they are closest to, and the human emotions and characteristics linked to them. They vibrate at the same frequency as the colour they represent, (see chart
in chakra section), starting slower at the base and speeding up as we go higher.  They work together, like a cog system - the last one firing up the next one. The first three chakras are called the lower triangle, and deal more with the physical and mental basic needs of survival in this world and are about elimination. Chakras five, six and seven are referred to as the upper triangle, and deal more with the mental, emotional and spiritual side of us, and are more about receiving.  The heart in the middle is the balance between the two.  It's the point where it changes from "me" to "we", and we start to relate to the higher self.

Please see section on chakras for more in-depth information on each chakra. All the chakras are equally important in relation to each other, as none of them can stand alone and we need them to all work in balance and harmony
together, as an imbalance in one area will affect the others as well, ultimately affecting the combined result in the aura.

So basically, practicing Kundalini yoga regularly in a group is fun, uplifting and will make you more spiritually aware, and look great inside and out.  It can make you happy, healthy and holy - by holy, I mean whole and good.  It can help you handle pain and negativity in a much more positive way, bringing balance and grace to your life.