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Jacqui Bunting“Hi may name is Jacqui, and apart from taking care of my family, practicing and teaching Kundalini yoga is my path and passion.

Many people discover Kundalini yoga at a time when they feel they have something missing in their lives, such as an awareness of spiritual connection, or they may feel lost, or emotionally or mentally ungrounded. For me it was different. There was nothing missing in my life, and I have always been very aware of my spiritual connection and my life was pretty perfect, apart from my physical health. I suffered extreme migraines. They were so bad that I was under The Royal Hospital of Neurology in London, and a member of their migraine clinic. They were so kind and worked so hard to try to relieve these dreadful migraines which could last as long as 6 weeks at a time. They gave me a brain scan, and I had tried an assortment of drugs including beta blockers, and very strong pain killers, of which my GP would only prescribe 3 at a time for me, and they had me on the list for new trials they were thinking of running.

My digestion and circulation was poor - sometimes I didn’t go to the loo for a couple of weeks and I used to get lots of pins and needles. I was on a concoction of Lactalose, Movicol and other medicines, which gave me some relief, but were not really the answer. I was tired all the time and had no energy. My back ached so much that it would take me 10 minutes to get out of bed each day. I used to wake up in the night gasping for breath and was quite often short of it. I had had my third child and despite going to the gym, attending keep fit classes and swimming weekly for over a year, just could not shift those love handles and get back into shape.

I was desperate, but just could not bear the thought of seeing another consultant. I felt so low one day and just sat in a chair, closed my eyes, and gave thanks for all I had, but begged for some relief from the way I was feeling physically – not for myself, but for my family, as I just could not go on the way I was.

Well, what happened over the next few days was a miraculous series of cosmically manipulated events and strange coincidences and psychic phenomena which just seemed to unfold in front of me. My husband proclaimed that he was married to a witch!!!!!

One of the main things which happened, as I realised later, was that I came across a DVD, which would not normally cross my path, (or rather, it came across me). It was called Kundalini yoga to Detox and De-stress with Maya Fiennes. I really didn’t want to try it – Yoga was for hippies right?

But something just made me try it.... and WOW WOW WOW. Right from the very first time, I felt something had shifted in me. My husband called to see how I had got on and asked what was wrong with me as I just couldn’t stop laughing. I tingled all over and felt so joyous! I went out and “bounced” down the road smiling at everything. Everything seemed more real and vibrant somehow and I felt more graceful, yet grounded. It wasn’t anywhere near as strenuous as the gym classes I had been used to, but it made me feel so good that I was hooked and started doing it about 3 times a week.

I know it sounds unbelievable, but within a month, I suddenly realised that I hadn’t had a twinge of a headache- never mind a migraine, was going to the loo at least once a day, jumped out of bed in the morning, all aches and pains were gone, had the breathing and circulation of a healthy 20 year old, was irritatingly happy and full of energy and life all the time, and just felt this wonderful serenity, peace and calm... and the icing on the cake was that I had dropped a dress size and the love handles were gone!..... and I haven’t looked back. That was a few years ago- and I haven’t suffered any of those things since, and my perfect life just gets even more perfect!

After some time, my family noticed I was calmer and had more patience, and even if things did go wrong, I could handle pain and negativity in a much more positive way. I also found that I hardly ever got ill or caught colds anymore – my immune system seemed so boosted.

I began doing my daily practice, but at the time had no thought of becoming a teacher.

I was attending one of Maya Fiennes workshops one day and she said to me, “Come on Jacqui- you should be a teacher! “, I said no, but she insisted I should go for it and recommended her own teacher and trainer Shiv Charan Singh, director of Karam Kriya School in London. Before I knew it, I found myself on the course, which was a real growth and transformational period for me in every way.

Since then I have taught classes in London, small classes and one to one classes at home and work on a voluntary basis teaching the elderly through a community scheme run by the Guru Ram Das Project – which I am very passionate about and thoroughly enjoy. I am a Reiki practitioner and also practice Indian head and face massage- though Kundalini yoga is my first love, and I hope to spread it to as many people who may benefit from it and also help to inspire others to become teachers as well, so that this wonderful gift may be spread even further.

Love to all.

Sat Nam.

Jacqui x